How To Turn Off SharePlay On TikTok?

How To Turn Off SharePlay On TikTok?

SharePlay on iPhone is such a cool feature that allows you to listen to content from various apps together with another person or a group of people on FaceTime. But many people are having trouble with the SharePlay on TikTok. Even when people don’t want to use SharePlay on FaceTime while using TikTok, they are … Read more

Spotify Premium Not Working On Phone or PC (Fixed) – 2023

You subscribed to Spotify Premium but cannot access any premium features like downloading songs, ad-free music listening, offline playback, etc. For many people, Spotify Premium is not working on their phones or PCs. If you face the same problem, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will explain why Spotify Premium … Read more

How To Clear Apple Music Cache? [All Devices] – 2023

Clear Apple Music Cache

Apple Music is known for its high-quality audio playback and features like spatial audio, Hi-res lossless audio, and more. The high-quality music playback comes with a big drawback. It’s the accumulation of cache files. To enable smooth music playback, many cache files get generated every time you stream music on the platform. This grows over … Read more

Spotify Stops When Opening Other Apps (Do This!) – 2023

Does Spotify stop playing music when you open other apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. on your phone? If yes, you are in the right place. Just do one thing below to fix the problem right away. Apps like Spotify or other music streaming apps stop playing the music when it detects other apps playing audio … Read more