Should You Enable Audio Normalization on Spotify & What Is It?

Audio normalization on Spotify is an important option that lets you redefine the way you listen to music on the platform.

Many people wonder if they should enable audio normalization or turn it off. You are in the right place if you’re wondering what audio normalization is on Spotify and if you should enable it.

What is audio normalization on Spotify?

Audio normalization on Spotify is a feature that helps to play songs at the same volume level. The volume level changes depending on the artist and the song you’re listening to. This is where the audio normalization feature comes into play.

Audio normalization helps to keep the volume consistent and uniform

Certain parts of a song, like the BGM, may be louder than the rest of the song. In such cases, the sound will blast into your ears, making it uncomfortable for many.

Enabling audio normalization helps prevent this from happening

Basically, the audio normalization averages the volume of the entire track and keeps it the same throughout the music.

Should I enable audio normalization on Spotify?

Now comes the main question – should you enable audio Noble a session on Spotify?

Enabling audio normalization will even out all the peaks, and the music will play at a consistent volume level.

When I listened to a couple of music after enabling audio normalization on Spotify, I felt the audio quality dropped. For some reason, I could not specifically differentiate specific beats, which are otherwise easily detectable.

Soon after I turned off audio normalization, I noticed even more details in the music, and I prefer keeping the audio normalization features turned off on Spotify.

Some people want to listen to music at a consistent volume level without any high peaks. If you are such a person, you may enable audio normalization. If you don’t care too much about the finest details of the music, it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Audio normalization is recommended for people who prefer a more uniform listening experience.

On the other hand, if you want to feel every pulse of the music, I would strongly recommend disabling audio normalization on Spotify.

If you have high-end headphones like the Apple AirPods Max or Sony WH-1000XM5, you can clearly notice the difference in the amount of detail and quality.

I suggest you listen to the same music with the audio normalization feature turned on and off. This way, you can tell the difference and make an appropriate decision.

Now that you know everything about audio normalization on Spotify, including whether or not to use it, let’s see how to enable or disable it on the Spotify app on the web player.

How to enable or disable audio normalization on Spotify?

The steps to turn on or off audio normalization on Spotify differ slightly depending on the platform.

Follow the guide for Android, iOS, and Windows below.


  • Open the Spotify app.
  • Tap your profile picture.
  • Tap Settings and privacy.
  • Scroll down and tap on Playback.
  • Scroll down and tap Audio Normalization toggle to enable or disable it.
normalize volume spotify android


Open the Spotify app.

Tap the Settings icon on the top right corner.

Scroll down and tap Playback.

spotify playback settings ios

Tap the Normalize volume toggle to enable or disable it.

enable audio Normalization


  • Click your profile picture on the top right corner of the screen
  • Click Settings
  • Scroll down and under Audio Quality, find the Normalize volume toggle. Enable or disable it using the toggle.

The audio normalization or normalize volume option on Spotify comes with three levels. Next to the volume level, you may choose Loud, Normal, or Quiet, depending on your surroundings.

What’s Next?

If you prefer a uniform music listening experience, you may go ahead and enable the audio normalization feature on Spotify.

On the other hand, if you want to listen to the music with the finest detail, consider disabling audio normalization.

If you want to tweak the audio on Spotify, I would suggest you disable audio normalization and play with the equalizer slider, as it gives the best results.

Now that you know everything about audio normalization on Spotify, you can take an informed decision on whether or not to turn it on.