Apple Music Family Sharing Not Working (Do This!) – 2023

So you subscribed to Apple Music family subscription, but it is not working. You are unable to add your family members to the Apple Music family sharing feature even after paying $16.99 per month.

I understand how frustrating it can be. If Apple Music family sharing is not working for you, you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will explain why Apple Music family sharing is not working and how to fix it in less than two minutes.

How To Fix Apple Music Family Sharing Not Working?

If Apple Music Family sharing is not working, first ensure you are logged in to the correct Apple ID by opening Settings > Family. Next, head to Settings > Family > Subscriptions > Manage Subscriptions and ensure the Share With Family toggle is turned on.

Ensure You Are Logged Into The Correct Apple ID

The most common reason Apple Music family sharing is not working is that you have logged into a different Apple ID. Many people have multiple Apple IDs associated with their iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other Apple devices.

If you purchased the Apple Music family sharing subscription on Apple ID A and use Apple Music on account B, it won’t work.

So, the first thing you should do before trying any other step is to ensure you are logged into the correct Apple ID.

To confirm if you are logged in to the correct Apple ID, open “Settings” on your iPhone.

Tap your name on the top.

Scroll down and tap “Media & purchases“.

Tap “View account” on the pop-up that appears.

Note down the Apple ID shown here.

Now, head back to “Settings“.

Tap “Family“.

Select your profile.

Compare the Apple ID shown here and see if both matches.

If yes, try other troubleshooting steps below.

If they are not the same Apple ID, you need to log in with the correct Apple ID.

Go to the “Media & purchases” section.

Scroll down and tap “Sign out“.

Sign out of Apple ID

Once signed out, tap on “Media & purchases” again.

Now, you will be asked to sign in to Apple ID. Sign in using Apple ID with family sharing.

Sign in Apple ID

Ensure Apple Music Is Shared With Your Family

If Apple Music family sharing is not enabled, other people in your family won’t be able to access Apple Music’s premium features.

You might have accidentally disabled Apple Music family sharing.

Follow the steps to enable the “Share with Family” option on Apple Music.

On your iPhone, open “Settings“.

Tap “Family“.

Scroll down and tap “Subscriptions“.


Tap “Manage subscriptions“.

Scroll down and ensure the toggle that says “Share with Family” is turned on.

Remove And Re-add The Family Remember

The next thing to do is to remove and re-add the family member.

A temporary glitch or bug might be causing Apple Music Family Share not to work.

Removing and re-adding the family members has helped many people fix this weird problem. It is still unsure why this happens in the first place, but give this a shot.

Open “Settings“.

Tap “Family“.

Tap on your profile.

Scroll down and tap “Stop Using Family Sharing“.

stop using family sharing

A pop-up may appear, tap “Stop Using Family Sharing” again to confirm.

Now that you have disabled family sharing, the next is to enable it and add your family members.

On the Family Management page, tap the “Plus” button on the top right corner.

Tap the invite option, send the invitation, and ask them to accept it.

Make Sure The Family Member Is Not On Trial Period

Are any of your family members currently on the Apple Music trial period?

You won’t be able to add a person already in an Apple Music trial period.

So, if a family member is currently on the trial period, you need to wait for it to end so that you can add the member to family sharing again.

See If Apple Music Is Facing Any Outage

If Apple Music is facing any outage or if the server is down, you won’t be able to access Apple Music, add a family member to family sharing, or access other features.

But how will you know if Apple Music is facing any outage?

Just visit the Apple system status page and ensure Apple Music and Apple Music Subscriptions are up. The green dot indicates the services are working perfectly, and the red dot indicates some issues imparting the service.

Apple Music Support

If Apple Music or Apple Music Subscriptions is facing any problem, wait till the issue is fixed.

Contact Apple Music Support

If nothing so far has helped you fix the Apple Music family sharing not working issue, the last thing to do is to contact support and ask for help.

An Apple Music family-sharing subscription allows you to add up to six family members. If you cannot add your family members or if the family member is unable to access premium features even after adding them, reach out to Apple Music support by following the link below, and they should solve the problem for you.

Apple Music support

On the support page, click “Billing and Subscriptions” or the “Get Support” button from the bottom of the page.

apple music support

What’s Next?

In most cases, logging into an incorrect Apple ID, the share with the family toggle being disabled, or the family member currently in the Apple Music trial period are a few reasons why family sharing is not working.

Let’s quickly review what we did to fix Apple Music family sharing not working:

  • Ensure you are logged into the correct Apple ID
  • Make sure your family member is not on the Apple Music trial
  • Enable Family Sharing
  • Disable family sharing, enable it again and add the family members
  • See if the Apple Music server is down
  • Contact support