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I am the one behind Protechster. Here at Protechster, I explain technology in a way it digests for both young and old people alike.

I have been writing tech articles since 2014 and have helped millions of people fix things, make the right purchase decisions, and get the most out of their devices and apps.

I strive to provide concise guidance on everyday tech including smartphones, smart home devices, desktops and laptops and more.

I have been in the tech industry for the last 14+ years, and I started Protechster on a mission to share what I learned throughout the journey. I plan to address users’ pain points while using everyday tech and simplify their lives.

In such an ever-changing, fast-paced tech world, keeping yourself up to date with technology and its applications becomes challenging. I’m here to help by sharing explainers and guides on topics like AI, social media, Windows, macOS, Android, Instagram, WhatsApp, Apple, TikTok and more.

You will find step by step guides and informations on nearly everything tech!

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